BookBub Revisited

“You will receive a compliment from a stranger.”

I wanted to revisit my BookBub campaign to dissect the outcome with a little more distance than right after the deal. Though BB didn’t yield the quick results I expected, I do appreciate the experience. My book, Dragonfly Dreams, got a lot more readers because of the campaign.

I feel like my young adult novel is an extreme type of book. People either love it or hate it.

I now have two profiles on the BookBub site and have secured some new followers:

  1. Jennifer J. Chow (17 followers); my more serious Asian American books
  2. J.J. Chow (4 followers); my lighthearted mysteries

The nice thing about BookBub is that the free deal boosted my review count. Currently, there are 22 reviews (note: in January, I had 13 reviews). Also, I do feel encouraged by some of the latest reviews from strangers picking up my book:

Loved this book! Didn’t want it to ever end!!!

Not my average book to read but telling everyone I know that this is a must-read…

Dragonfly Dreams by Jennifer J. Chow will be an eye-opening opportunity in cultural education for Western readers new to Asian culture.

Thanks, BookBub!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! I’m glad you got more readers! And, I’m always interested in getting ideas about promotion, etc. so this is good to remember.

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