#BookReview: Superbeetle


"Your respect for others will be your ticket to success." Superbeetle by S. Michele Chen 4 stars Pros: Taiwan setting Chinese words Cons: Some flat characters Modern family dynamics* (see note below)   I was super excited to get ahold of this. Because of its vibrant cover, I actually thought this would be a picture book. (Warning: If your kids don’t like bugs, the cover might put them off.) However, it’s actually a lovely chapter book with images scattered … [Read more...]

Angels Flight Reading


"Meaningful relationships bring meaning to life." It's nice to live in a city pulsing with culture. Once in a while, I'll pop by a reading. Sometimes they're held in cool places like Clifton's Republic, complete with stuffed animals. (Clifton's is a rebooted historical cafeteria that features woodland decor.) My impetus to go was my friend Siel Ju's newest book, CAKE TIME. Winner of the 2015 Red Hen Press Fiction Award, it officially launches April 6th, but I got a freshly minted … [Read more...]

#BookReview Wangs vs. The World

wangs book

"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes." Wangs vs. The World by Jade Chang 3.5 stars Pros: variety of characters pops of Chinese culture honest tone Cons: likability of characters road trip trope loose resolution I heard all the hype about Wangs vs. The World, so it was on my TBR list for a while. The basic premise is the Wang family falls from riches to rags. For some reason in my mind, I expected a different tone from the novel, maybe … [Read more...]

Book Blast

book blast

"Your career plans look bright." Just a little FYI that Dragonfly Dreams is listed on the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Book Blast page. The site features hundreds of new titles, covering the interests of toddlers to teens. Go ahead and check out my page! If you click on the heart and "like" it, you'll hear a rousing cheer.   Also, don't forget that I'll be at the Manhattan Beach Library tonight (7pm) on a mystery authors' panel. … [Read more...]

Calls for Diversity in Literature

lots of books

"You will attract cultured and artistic people to your home." This is a quick post about exciting opportunities I've seen cropping up recently. I'm really happy to see more calls for diversity out in the lit world. Here a few that I've heard of: Writing from Color & Native Voices (WCNV) Contest. A competition to make sure all voices are represented. See the finalists on their web page, including my friend Mona AlvaradoFrazier's BEYOND THE BARS! Just. One. Book. Author Margaret … [Read more...]

Dragonfly Dreams Relaunched

DD front cover--png

As promised, with the closure of Booktrope and the reversion of my rights, I've relaunched my latest young adult novel, DRAGONFLY DREAMS. In celebration, I'm offering a sale price of 99 cents until June 17th. If you'd like to, feel free to pick up a copy for you or a friend! https://www.amazon.com/Dragonfly-Dreams-Jennifer-Chow-ebook/dp/B01GFJ89BQ/ … [Read more...]

Stories Set in Foreign Lands – Evelyne Holingue

I'm reblogging a lovely post from Evelyne Holingue, highlighting stories set in foreign lands or with multicultural flair. Enjoy! Source: Stories Set in Foreign Lands – Evelyne Holingue … [Read more...]

Runaway Goodness


"A friend is a present you give yourself." Speaking of presents, Black Friday is around the corner. I don't participate, though, because I really don't need to stand in line to get my favorite gift--books. As the weather turns colder, I love snuggling up in a blanket and cozying up to a book. But what's better than books? Discounted books! Recently, I discovered Runaway Goodness. I particularly liked their Prefunk the Holidays list with a ton of books discounted to $2.99. So now I've got a … [Read more...]

What’s in a Title?

city of dragons book

"Gentle hints will help you to decide the best answer." --fortune cookie Words always give an impression. I recently joined the launch team for a friend's book. This means that I get to witness her publishing process, provide input on the manuscript, and sneak a first peek at the book. And I get to provide authentic feedback for her work and help spread the word. The first question she posed for her team was about her title. What would be the best title for her book? It's an interesting … [Read more...]

First Book Crush

book love

In keeping with the theme of "My Fortune Cookie Life" (see sidebar on this page beneath the blogging awards), Mondays will now be dedicated to posting about actual fortune cookie messages I've received. A collection of strange and sometimes beautiful sayings have crossed my dining table over the years. "Your love life will be happy and harmonious." --fortune cookie message I was reading Josh Hanagarne's memoir, The World's Strongest Librarian, where he details his life with Tourette's and … [Read more...]

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