Foodie Friday: Rambutan


Rambutan: a white-fleshed gummy fruit, similar to lychee or longan Rambutan has a distinctive red outer layer covered with soft spikes. Malayan jungle tribes first cultivated the rambutan tree, and rambut means "hair" in Malay. These tropical fruits offer a grape-like texture (at twice the size of a grape). Like the lychee or longan, it holds a big seed in the middle. However, rambutan is not as sweet as its cousins, and actually gives off a slight sour taste. My preference is for lychee or … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Bell Fruit

Bell fruit

Bell fruit: an exotic fruit shaped like its name I've only ever found bell fruit in Taiwan, so if you want to try this special food, you'll have to travel. It features a reddish exterior, similar to an apple. In fact, it's also known as a "wax apple." It's full of crispness and offers a subtle flavor, like a fresh sip of water in fruit form. Actually, in my novel, the eleven-year old character compares herself to a bell fruit. To find out the particulars, you'll have to read The 228 … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Asian Cake

Asian cake: a lighter version of an American cake, often topped with a variety of fresh fruitI think I made up the term, "Asian cake," but there is a difference between a cake found at an Asian bakery versus an American one. Asian cakes tend to be lighter and fluffier, with their frosting having more of a whipped cream texture. They also incorporate a lot of fresh fruit, on top and inside the cake. The above cake for an early Father's Day celebration has taro inside it. Indeed, my wedding cake … [Read more...]

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