Wulung- Adapt for Success

Wulung: muddled

Confucius’ grandson Ji Si didn’t allow his son to mourn his dead mother because she had divorced Ji Si.  When asked about this change in custom, he replied, “A virtuous man will take it seriously (i.e. to luhng).  But as for me, I’m not that virtuous, so I just take it casually (i.e. to Wu).”  Such flexibility can lead to confusion, so wulung became known as “muddled.”
Confusion often occurs during major turning points in our lives.  In modern day, different generations seem to be in flux, as evidenced by the following blogs:  1) A Quarter Life Crisis details that fluid time when things are changing and personal discovery occurs.  2) The Disillusioned Overachiever follows an unmarried, childless 32-year-old business school graduate caught in the difficult economic times.  3) Muddying the Waters explores one writer’s life after kids, as she charts a new direction.    

The initial meaning of Wulung is to be seriously casual or adaptable to circumstances.  Robert Lee Brewer blogs about the changing definition of a writer, as someone who can embrace both creating and marketing.  The phrase’s original luhng changed to the similar-sounding lung, the character for “dragon.”  From adaptability, a dragon can emerge, the most powerful of the Chinese zodiac animals. 

Sometimes we can use new opportunities and transitions in our lives to rise up like dragons.

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  1. THank you so much for sharing my blog. Looking forward to reading your blog more regularly now that I’ve come across it! – SK

  2. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for mentioning my blog! I enjoyed reading your post. My favorite line is this one: “Sometime we can use new opportunities and transitions in our lives to rise up like dragons.” that sounds amazing! I am feeling very dragonish myself these days, and am loving it! I can’t wait to read more of your blog!

  3. I love the concept of “seriously casual.” As a person born in the Year of the Dragon, I have to work on my adaptive skills.
    Great post!

  4. Going through some major turning points in my life. No wonder I’m confused! But you give me hope. Watch out world…a dragon is emerging! Thanks for the information, Jennifer. Very interesting post!

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