A Writer’s Real Gold

Jyuyihsing: jewelry made from pretend gold

About one hundred years ago, a goldsmith’s shop called Jyu Yih Sing made gold-plated jewelry.  It grew in popularity because its merchandise glittered like real gold and did not change in color.  The business eventually expanded to six branches with nine thousand employees.

What’s like real gold for a writer?  His or her brand.

Robert Lee Brewer talks about the benefits of creating a slogan.  I’ve also been reading Rob Eagar’s book called Sell Your Book Like Wildfire.  Here’s an article from him about how to build a powerful brand.

A brand captures the essence of the author and his or her expertise, even for fiction writers.  Branding takes into account that people are selfish when picking books to read.  They want to know “what’s in it for them” when they select a tome.  What can you offer that’s unique?  Branding makes it easy for readers to understand what you’ll give them in a quick and catchy way.

My expertise comes from the intersection of my culture and my geriatric social work background.  (You can view my full profile on the side to understand why.)  So I decided to try out this new header on my blog: “Writing Asian-American fiction with a geriatric twist.”  What do you think? 

Name a few catchy slogans you’ve heard of, or describe how you’d want to be known.

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  1. “Geriatric” seems a bit cold and medical for the way you write. What about something like “honors the elders” ?

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