Bidding Failure

Seui Waih Choih: using water to stand for money (lit. water is wealth)

When someone travels everywhere to raise money, it’s called “dashing out for water.” The association of water with money comes from a common saying in Chinese geomancy: “A mountain can bring you descendants while water can bring you wealth.” It makes sense that water is held dear in China since it’s used for cultivation.

I’ve spent the entire month of May waiting in anticipation for the results of the Brenda Novak auction. It’s an annual event that provides goodies to readers and writers while raising money for diabetes research. I used the tactics of bidding early to intimidate other contenders and sneaking in late to snatch the last bid. I failed on both accounts. I did secure a small ad space in a magazine by betting on a one-day only special. (I think it helped that there were multiple chances to win the same item throughout the month.)  

Ebay experts, any advice for next year?

p.s. Sorry I forgot to do a Foodie Friday post last week. I was busy attending my cousin’s wedding over the weekend. To make up for my faux pas, here’s a photo of the wedding cake:

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