Foodie Friday: Mochi

Mochi: a glutinous rice dessert with sweet filling 

Mochi skin has a certain chewy texture that exudes tenderness and firmness at the same time. It was an acquired taste for me to bite into something that had two opposing characteristics. The Japanese version of this treat offers different varieties, including some with a more pastry-like exterior. The ones I tried in Little Tokyo are also very elegantly decorated, with a sprinkling of sesame seeds or a colorful flower. By contrast, the Taiwanese ones are streamlined, with a powdered rice outside and sweet inside (fillings can consist of peanut, red bean, black sesame paste, etc.). I purchased some freshly-made mochi during my trip to Hualien last year. My all-time favorite mochi, though, has to be the fresh-strawberry-filled version I found at a night market in Taiwan.  

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  1. […] would think this would be a big hit with me. I’ve blogged before about how I enjoy both mochi and sesame balls. I picked up this treat at the local bakery, but it didn’t pass with flying […]

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