Should I Create a Newsletter?

The cunning hare has three burrows.


August 1st, the release date for my forthcoming novel, is fast approaching. As I plan for its arrival, I’m contemplating setting up a mailing list. I’ve read that newsletters are informative and fun ways to keep readers up to speed on your work. As a bonus, some mail management sites, like MailChimp and Constant Contact, offer free services if the number of subscribers is under a certain amount.

A newsletter sounded like a great idea until I found the CAN-SPAM Act. Apparently, sending out any type of commercial email requires providing a physical address. Like the rabbit mentioned in the above proverb, I wonder if I should have multiple burrows. Rather than using my actual home address, would it be wiser to rent a P.O. Box or obtain a different street address through a company like Mail Boxes Etc.?

Is it even worthwhile to send a newsletter? Any thoughts or experience on the matter would be very helpful.

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