How to Write a Press Release

As a pig fears getting fat, so a man fears renown. 


Pigs eat anything that’s put into their trough. (In fact, when I worked in my family restaurant, we used to donate the scraps to farmers.) Like our pot-bellied friends, authors crave media attention.

One of the best ways to get coverage is through the traditional press release. Here are my top five tips for creating an enticing press release:

1. Focus on the smaller outlets first. Often, local media successes will lead to bigger opportunities down the road.
2. Research the specific contact person for the radio station/TV channel/newspaper/magazine that you’re contacting.
3. Tailor the release to the media contact you’ve selected.
4. Angle your story. The media want stories (flaunt your expertise), not a bland news article about another writer releasing a book.
5. Provide great quotes; make it easy to reuse memorable lines, either from yourself or a well-known figure.
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