How to Get an E-signed Book

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I love reading e-books. However, one of my gripes about an electronic version is the book’s impersonalization. How can I get it autographed? Recently, I discovered Authorgraph, a free way to send and receive author autographs. Here’s a primer on the service:

1. As a writer, what do I need to set it up? The ASIN, or Amazon Standard Identification Number.

2. What versions are available? The signature can be given in a PDF or a AZW (Kindle-app compatible) format.

3. What’s the signature look like? There’s a choice of a fancy script font or the actual scrawl of the author (as transmitted via writing on a computer pad).

4. What does it really cost? It’s free, although there may be a slight delivery fee from Amazon if you want the autograph sent to your Kindle.

5. Do I need to purchase a copy of the book to get it? Actually, no. However, I hope that you do if you’re requesting a signature from the author.

Authorgraph sounds like a great service. I, for one, will be offering it to my future readers and browsing the site’s catalog to request some of my own.

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