Foodie Friday: Minced Pork Noodle

Minced pork noodle: a dish containing those two delicious ingredients

minced pork noodle

It sounds deceptively simple. All that’s needed is ground pork and noodles. Every time I’ve tried to make it, though, I’ve failed to capture the correct taste. There’s something undeniably yummy about slippery noodles with a slight give to their texture. Then, there’s the savory meat sauce that makes you crave for seconds. It’s the quintessential go-to-dish for a quick snack. In fact, I’ll see if I can find some when I visit the 626 Night Market (the largest Asian night market in the Los Angeles area) tomorrow.

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Special 626 Night Market Raffle


  1. I’m pretty sure I had that in San Francisco. Was yummy. :)

  2. Andy Chang-Chien says

    Hi Jennifer,

    I am not sure if you are trying to make a zha-jiang or ba-so or lo-ba. If your trying for a lo-ba; you can use pork belly aka “love.” Normally i use 100% pork belly but you can try 50% pork belly and 50% ground pork (pork butt makes really good ground pork). Did you use all-spice, dab of rice wine, shallots?

    • Hi Andy,
      Ah-ha! Pork belly is the secret ingredient (although probably not as healthy). Thanks for the cooking tips!

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