Foodie Friday: Deep-Fried Char Siu

Deep-fried char siu: sweet roasted pork, fried

char siu

Instead of traditional barbecue meats, I’m a big fan of the triumvirate of Chinese BBQ: roast duck, roast pork, and char siu. They’re all very flavorful. Char siu, often marinaded with a bright red sauce, appears in those delicious buns (steamed or baked) that dominate the dim sum scene. I recently learned about a new way to cook them: deep-fried. Where has this dish been all my life? Move over state fair fried food (fried avocado, deep-fried Twinkies, fried Coca-Cola…), there’s a new player in town.

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  1. Fried Coca-Cola??? I always wondered about the red meat in steamed buns. Thanks!


  1. […] With their outer soft bread layer, they’re one of my favorites. The best part is the inside: char siu, with its distinctive coloring. Yes, I know it’s unnatural for pork to be bright red, but […]

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