Foodie Friday: Hot Pot

Hot pot: steamed veggies and meats in a boiling broth

hot pot

It’s our tradition to hold a Christmas pot luck each year. What’s easier than cutting up vegetables and meats to place in boiling broth? A complex soup base can be purchased or a plain stock (simple vegetable, chicken, etc.) used .

The hot pot sits on a burner, and you want it set at the highest setting to make it bubbling before you throw in the food to cook. The bowl I use is divided into two sections; I use the smaller circle for meats and the larger one for vegetables. At the end of the meal, bean threads can be tossed in to get flavored noodles. And don’t forget the dipping sauce, which I concoct from a mixture of sa cha sauce and egg.

Hot pot is a healthy dish with its array of veggies. Plus, the subsequent cooking rounds force ongoing conversation. Whether you try this dish or not, I hope you enjoy your holidays!


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  1. This is such an interesting idea for Christmas dinner. Thanks for sharing! :-)

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