Foodie Friday: A-Choy

A-Choy: Taiwanese lettuce









Anything with an “A” in its name is my kind of food. This vegetable is native to Southern Taiwan. A-Choy boasts very crisp stalks and tender leaves. Typically stir-fried, you can taste its freshness in every bite.

It’s becoming one of my favorite new vegetables, especially when I get tired of staples like bok choy and gailan. A-Choy is supposed to be easy to plant and fast-growing, too. So plant some or grab a couple of stalks at the grocery store. Mix the vegetable with a few cloves of garlic and soy sauce in an oiled wok, and you’re good to go!

Discover any tasty vegetables recently?

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  1. As always a yummy tasting dish you are offering us in this post.
    I love all kind of vegetables but recently I discovered new ways to eat asparagus when my husband added them to an egg dish (brunch type of meal). My son who hates the color green ate them all.
    I did the same with spinach, which cooked with sun dried tomatoes in a chicken dish, had more success than a plain spinach salad.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Thanks for the recipe ideas! I’m still looking for an excellent version of brussel sprouts that my family would love…

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