Foodie Friday: Green Tea Cake

Green tea cake: the beverage turned into a delicious cake

green tea cake






Here’s my tried and true way of celebrating: Cake! (Want a reason to party? How about my book as a finalist for Book of the Year Award?)

Not just any type of cake will satisfy my cravings. My go-to is green tea cake. It’s not too sweet, and I can indulge while convincing myself I’m stocking up on antioxidants. A swirl of whipped cream adds a hint of sweetness to this traditional roll cake, while the red beans provide a contrasting, chewy texture.

My cake preferences have changed throughout the years, morphing from “pink champagne” and “cookies and cream” to green tea, mango, and taro.

What was or is your favorite cake flavor?

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  1. Hummingbird Cake.

  2. Congratulations, Jennifer on being a finalist! Awesome! Also awesome is your celebration with cake. Where do you order the green tea cake from? I want one!

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Thanks, Romelle! Usually, I get my cakes from local Asian bakeries. JJ’s and 85 degrees are pretty popular in the LA area.

  3. Congratulations!

    Ha. Hadn’t heard of that green tea option. :)


  1. […] you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know that I love green tea in all its forms (cake, mousse, etc.). So when I saw green tea dumplings on the menu at a local restaurant, I had to try […]

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