Foodie Friday: Katsu Burger

My first…

Katsu burger: breaded burger, Japanese-style

katsu burger

A revitalized burger with Asian flair! Katsu is equated with crispy panko-coated foods (think: tonkatsu). Although katsu can be translated to “cutlet” (the English word was first transformed to “katsules,” and then shortened), it’s associated with breaded goodness. Akin to a deep-fried treat at the county fair, the katsu burger is an innovative take, an actual beef patty cooked with crispiness and sprinkled with condiments like Japanese mayo and tonkatsu sauce.

At Katsu Burger in Seattle, there was also other protein choices available, like the tofu version topped with miso, but I stayed with the original. I really enjoyed the twist on an American classic. Unfortunately, I just discovered that after three years of devoted culinary skill, the restaurant is closing down! It’s a bittersweet moment to write this post, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to have eaten a delicious fusion dish.

What favorite thing (food or otherwise) has been discontinued in your life?


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