Foodie Friday: Daikon

Daikon: a radish masquerading as a large white carrot


radish soup

Daikon comes from the Japanese words for “big root.” In fact, this radish generally grows up to 18 inches and can weigh about six pounds. The largest ones grown have been around forty to fifty pounds. It’s a mild flavored root, which gives it versatility in different dishes. Although it can be eaten raw, it needs to be cooked once it’s matured. My most common encounter with daikon is in soups, where it’s cooked to melting softness. The root is known for being an immune system booster because it’s full of Vitamin C and displays antiviral properties. Keep a bowl on hand for this cold and flu season!

Fun fact: Besides California, daikon is also commercially grown near Houston, Texas.


Why Do I Write?


  1. Looks yummy. Those of us in health care used to poo-paw grandmothers who pushed soups for illness, honey for coughs, etc., but now we understand that many of the substances in soup and other homemade concoctions have antioxidant and antiviral properties as you describe. So we should slurp away. :)

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      I remember drinking tons of unnamed soups while growing up. Hope those mysterious tonics help me even now!

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