Foodie Friday: Lobster Roll

Had my first lobster roll!

Lobster roll: a creamy lobster sandwich

lobster roll

How can it be that I live near the ocean and never tried a lobster roll before? On a recent trip to Laguna Beach, I stopped by Slapfish to check out the dish. (Slapfish is a great restaurant that uses family-run fisheries and seasonal produce.)

Although lobster rolls originally used meat pickings from the legs and claws, my roll featured large chunks of fresh lobster. I’ve heard the bread used varies across different makers, but mine came out soft and crusty, a perfect complement to the tender seafood.

The sandwich first started in Connecticut during the 1920s, but has since (fortunately) made its way to sunny California.  So make your way to a nearby seafood shack. Or create your own lobster roll.

Name your recent food find.

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  1. DANIEL AMARE says

    Thank you Jennifer, I will remember this. I live in N. California and never been to Laguna beach, I am planning a trip to S. Cal. with mi children soon, I will try to visit Slapfish. It is tempting from the picture above. Merry Christmas to you, if I don’t run into your tweets before then.

  2. I discovered lobster rolls in Maine and since then only eat them in Maine. It’s kind of a personal loyalty toward a state I like a lot. My recent discovery was a pear pecan bread pudding and I LOVED it!

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      In elementary school, I did my state report on Maine. After that, I always wanted to visit but never have. I’ll add lobster rolls to another pro for making a trip out there.

      Pear pecan bread pudding sounds delicious!

  3. Veronica Roth says

    Me neither. I’ve seen it offered, but always felt like that’s not my preferred way to eat lobster. I guess here on the West Coast, lobster is much more of a delicacy than on the East. But then, we do all sorts of wonderful crab dishes, don’t we? Hmmm, not sure about the roll. Think I still prefer my lobster with lemon butter and a pair of crackers. Maybe next time I’m way out East :D

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Mmm, crab. Sometimes we head over to the Redondo Beach Pier, where you can buy fresh crabs and eat them with lemon!

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