Foodie Friday: Peking Duck

Peking duck: renowned Chinese dish, consisting of roasted duck, served with pancakes

Peking duck

Turns out that my brother’s a big fan of Peking duck, so this post is for you, bro!

While I’ve debated the merits of roast duck and Peking duck before, I’m concentrating today on this imperial dish. Indeed, Peking duck was known to be served to the emperor during the Yuan Dynasty. And in the mid-20th century, it became a national symbol of China’s culinary delights to tourists and diplomats.

Peking duck features a very crisp skin. In fact, it’s often served with mostly the skin and only a little bit of meat. The duck itself can be cooked in either a closed oven or hung on hooks over an open fire. It’s usually served with pancakes (thin ones, traditionally) and garnished with sauce (hoisin, most likely) and scallions.

Fun fact: It was a favorite dish of Henry Kissinger. 

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