Foodie Friday First: Loganberry Pie

Over the summer, I visited Whidbey Island near Seattle and tried out…

Loganberry pie: a delicious pie filled with dark-colored berries

loganberry pie

I ate at Whidbey Pies & Cafe, which has a farm attached to it. Fresh organic produce is grown on the spot and served to customers (their quinoa salad is amazing). For dessert, I debated on getting the more literary huckleberry pie, but then opted for their specialty, loganberry pie. Here’s a recipe for it from Bobby Flay.

I loved the tart taste of the berries contrasting with the sweetness of sugar. The beautiful rich color of the berries also made the inside filling seem jewel-colored. The loganberry is said to be either a red form of the blackberry, or a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry.

Fun fact: After buying this “local” pie, my Seattle friend informed me that the loganberry was cultivated in California (by James Harvey Logan in Santa Cruz)! 


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  1. One of my favorite desserts is a warm fruit tart with vanilla ice cream on top. This would certainly fit the bill!

  2. Veronica Roth says

    Mmm, delicious. I love loganberries. Wish I had more room in the garden to grow them. Actually, the other day I was thinking of wild berries which grow round here (or at the cabin where it’s a drier climate), and have determined to pick a bunch of wild blueberries, blackberries and saskatoons for pies and jams this year. Can’t beat the free foods. :D

  3. I had never heard of the loganberry fruit. But as a pie lover I’m sure I’d love this pie. I also like when restaurants serve food made out of locally grown produce, fruit, meat…
    It shows support to healthy food and also to local business.
    The slice on your plate looks yummy!

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