Foodie Friday First: Golden Kiwi

I tried the delicious…

Golden kiwi: sweet, yellow kiwi

golden kiwi

 This is the sweeter version of its green counterpart. The flesh of the fruit is not as tart, and the skin is a more delicate thickness. (The outside is also less hairy!)

While green and golden kiwis share similar nutritional profiles, there are some slight differences. Golden kiwis have more vitamin C and folate. Green kiwis have more dietary fiber.

Golden kiwi has a shorter storage life, which makes it difficult to find in many stores. However, I would give it a try because it’s nice to have a consistently sweet fruit on hand—it’s even been compared to ice cream!

Have you eaten golden kiwi?

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  1. So much good food, so little time!
    No, I haven’t eaten this kind of kiwi. Lovely name.

  2. I haven’t, but I’ll take this over the stinky tofu! ;)

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