Seniors Around the World

As part of the challenge of “5 Photos, 5 Stories” (by Evelyne’s invitation), I’m presenting my five memories of meeting seniors during recent travels:

1) Los Angeles, CA

1-senior home picture

During a volunteer reading at a local senior home, this resident came my way. He has actually been through the traumatic event which inspired my first novel, The 228 Legacy. I was honored to meet him, and the residents’ director later told me was really excited to hear me read.

2) Monterey Park, CA 


During cultural week (did you know Asian American heritage month happens every year in May?), I saw this dancing troupe. It was inspiring to see how tai chi gave them more energy and flexibility for their performance.

3) Seattle, WA


I was humbled to hear about the experiences of Japanese Americans who traveled to the Minidoka Relocation Center on a pilgrimage. Some went to remember the past, while others went to learn more about it.

4) Spain 


A highlight of my Spain trip was meeting an elderly professor on the train ride. It was great to learn about his contributions to the world, in terms of his teaching and charity work. He exuded intelligence and passion (maybe it’s because of that regular siesta he takes!). Read the full story here.

5) Taiwan 


Taiwan usually involves meeting a lot of extended relatives. It was nice to get a break sometimes. The area near Sun Moon Lake is known for its tasty sweet and mellow tea.

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  1. Absolutely love how you responded to this challenge, Jennifer. Meting this elderly man must have been very moving for you and I’m sure for him, too. Great photos as well. Thank you for saying yes to my invite.

  2. Sorry for mispelling “meeting.” I typed from my iPhone, never the best idea! Also I had missed the link to your post about Spain. Excellent!

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