Foodie Friday: Persimmon

Persimmon: a light orange, sweet fruit


Fall has beautiful bursts of color. I love the tangerine look of Fuyu persimmons. They remind me of tiny little pumpkins, and I’m always glad when this fruit is in season. I also have great memories of eating them with my dad.

If you haven’t tried them, this type of persimmon offers a crisp flesh. (The softer variety is better for baking cookies, though!) It’s pear-like in its texture, but with a stronger sweet flavor. The sugar factor is less than a Fuji apple, but it’s definitely a dessert type of fruit.

Fun fact: Persimmons come from a species of tree in the genus Diospyros, which can be loosely translated as “divine fruit.”

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  1. Divine, indeed. Persimmons are what save us from the wasteland of fall fruit options.

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