Changing my Tagline

“The coming month shall bring winds of change in your life.”


Have you noticed a change on my website? For mobile users, it probably looks the same, but those checking it out on a computer may see something slightly different. What is it? My tagline.

A tagline is a slogan that helps you remember something–in this case, a person. My old line read, Asian-American fiction with a geriatric twist. My new slogan is Multicultural fiction, Intergenerational drama. The old version really encapsulated my cozy mystery, SENIORS SLEUTH, which features an investigation in a senior home. However, it didn’t really encompass THE 228 LEGACY (a Taiwanese-American family story) and my upcoming DRAGONFLY DREAMS (YA paranormal meets immigrant struggles). Since I write diverse characters and often describe conflict across generations, I picked this new tagline. What do you think?

Bonus: I also added a Special Features tab on my website, which has THE 228 LEGACY book trailer and a (new addition!) Winston Wong video game. 

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  1. Great tagline! Allows for a greater range of genres and fictional themes.

  2. It’s a good change, Jennifer. This is a better tagline, more compact and efficient. Good job!

  3. I like it! As Carrie and Evelyn said, it leaves you room to grow as a writer while still retaining the themes you started with. Excellent choice!

  4. Succinct and ends with an interesting note: drama.

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