Foodie Friday First: Saucisson au Poivre

In Taiwan, I enjoyed my first French saucisson. 

Saucisson au Poivre: peppercorn sausage

French sausage

My cousin treated us to his spoils from France: fancy cheeses and saucisson. It’s very similar to salami you get from the deli–not the packaged kind, but the sort they need to slice up. I love cured meats, and on my trip to Spain I ate a lot of jamón ibérico. This French sausage is quite tasty, and although I was skeptical about the black pepper, I came to love that slight kick on the tongue.

I'm a CLUE finalist!


  1. fancy cheeses sound good.

  2. Tammie and you make me laugh. French cheese names are very easy to say for me!!!
    And although I’m not a huge charcuterie fan I love French dry sausage more than saucisson. But since I love black pepper maybe I would join you for a little tasting! With good bread and a glass of red wine this kind of food is quite good actually. Bon appetit!

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