Foodie Friday First: Freshwater Eel

Ate some freshwater eel in Taiwan.

Freshwater eel: elongated fish that live in shallow waters

eel dish

I admit it, I’ve had eel before. Usually, though, they’re the giant kind. This time around I tried out these little guys. Really, though, they taste like typical seafood to me, fish-like but with a thicker consistency.

What’s really neat about this dish, though, is the story we heard right before we left for Taiwan. My father-in-law talked about how he’d catch these eels with his bare hands. Growing up, they owned a rice paddy. After they harvested the grain, they’d find these sea creatures underneath. The family would make a sport of catching them and got to cook a fresh dinner each night.

Any fishing/childhood stories you remember?

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  1. Behind the Story says

    Great story! I can’t imagine holding onto a slippery eel. I’ve eaten eel in Korea and liked it. (I think it’s the salt-water variety.

  2. I’m not a seafood eater, so this dish probably is not in my future. :)

    I’m trying this comment on my phone. We’ll see if it posts!

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