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So I’ve been blogging for about five years now, and there came a time (recently) when I got tired of putting out words and not getting feedback (or worse, spam) in return. However, I’m going to continue at it, thanks to the encouragement of friends. I do like expressing myself, and I think there’s a strong need for diverse voices at present.

However, I’m going to change up the format. I typically post on Mondays and Fridays. I’ll be continuing Foodie Friday posts (about cultural foods and new foods that I try out), but Mondays will be hit and miss. Instead, I’ll try to post within the week, which gives me flexibility when there are travel plans and holidays.

I’ve usually swayed back and forth between two themes: aging and Asian culture. Now, though, I’ve come up with ten topics that my blog will cover. These are in no particular order:

1. Multicultural book reviews (I love reading anyway. Might as well post about it!)

2. Foodie Friday/ Foodie Friday First (Good food? I’m in!)

3. Travels (Going to new places spark my interest.)

4. Wordless Wednesdays (Like Instagramming on my blog–helps when I’m too tired to write.)

5. Writing Stuff (Providing a glimpse of my professional life.)

6. Family traditions (Family and heritage are important to me.)

7. Getting older/caretaking (The study of aging has a soft spot in my heart.)

8. Movies (Pass the popcorn!)

9. Lalaland (I mean, local happenings and places.)

10. Asian themes (Highlighting holidays and activities.)

Let the blogging begin!

Foodie Friday First: Bubble Waffle
Foodie Friday: Szechwan braised pork


  1. Sounds great, Jennifer. I love reading about books I might not have read. I told you what I think about Foodie Friday already, and I like the idea of Wordless Wednesdays. The posts I like best are around your dual identity and travels.
    Since you shared your dilemma last week, I’ve also considered my own blog. I’m still planning a few things, but I will launch French Friday for sure. Not sure, however, if it will be about anything French or a bilingual post, since many French readers have asked for that. What do you think?

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Thanks for the support, Evelyne! French Friday sounds like a good idea. I guess it depends on your readers. Is there more demand for French posts or for more cultural insight?

      • Both I think! My French readers love to know more about the US and my American readers appreciate what I have to share about France. I have the feeling that when I blog in French my American readers would like an English translation and vice versa. But I don’t want to commit to writing in both languages each time I post. So it’s a catch 22. I will give it a try tomorrow and write in both languages on a topic that is neither particular French nor American, but definitely blends both. Thank you for your support, too. Jennifer. Keep writing in any case.

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