Texas Trip

“Adventure awaits you.”

Over spring break, I traveled to Texas. Though I expected to hear more twang, I got quite a few ma’ams and y’alls. People were very polite and hospitable there. Here are a few highlights:

Spotted some longhorns:


Grabbed kolaches as snacks–there are quite a number of bakeries specializing in these Czech treats:


Listened to live music:


Watched bats fly out into the night:


Crossed the border into Louisiana and went crabbing!


Where have you gone recently?

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  1. I went to San Francisco for a writer’s conference in February, but I’m itching to go somewhere again. Only been to Texas once. There’s so much of the south I haven’t seen. Would love to explore more of it.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      Oh, I’ve always wanted to go to the SF conference. How did it go?

      • It was great. First time I’ve attended it. I’ve gone to ThrillerFest in NY a few times, so it was nice to experience something different. I highly recommend it if you get the chance.

        • Jennifer Chow says

          ThrillerFest sounds neat! I haven’t been able to head to NY for conferences yet, but it would be great to be in such a literary hub.

  2. Yikes, bats at night! Alas, I haven’t gone anywhere in months but hope to sometime this year.

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