George F. Canyon Nature Trail

“Life always gets harder near the summit.”

I’ve been wanting to do a quick hike. It’s nice to find nature spots close to Los Angeles. The George F. Canyon Nature Trail is located in Rolling Hills Estates near Palos Verdes. Besides 36 acres of Preserve, it also has an educational nature center that’s open on the weekends.

Parking can be found in the nature center lot or on dirt areas near the trailhead. Near the center is also The Learning Tree, a shaded place where groups can sit and be educated. There are wooden stumps to sit on–even this cute painted one!


I suspect this is where the local Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts troops congregate; there are quite a few markers indicating previous troops that have enhanced the preserve area.

I like the educational focus of this hike. There are twelve markers along the trail that provide information on local birds, animals, and plants (even the native and common poison oak!). Although there’s a pit stop to see a stream, the harsh summer has dried up the water.


During my walk, I relaxed in nature. My favorite sighting? Wild bunnies hopping around! I even saw a few domesticated animals since the trail is open to dogs and horses (and their riders).1-IMG_20170711_101115

The hike is a relatively easy 1.8 mile (roundtrip) with a dash of steepness. At the end, a sweet view of the Los Angeles basin is the reward.
1-IMG_20170711_105703Happy hiking!

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  1. Like you I love small hikes that take my mind away and offer great scenery. This one is gorgeous. Always amazing to find some so close to the big city :)

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