5 Ways to Instagram

“You have a captivating style all your own.”

I used to carry about a proper camera. It was one of my most prized possessions as a child. Unfortunately, I was horrible at taking pictures. In those days you had to develop film, and I’d get maybe one or two usable shots. With digital nowadays, I just delete the ones I don’t like.

Instagram takes photography up a notch, since people get to share their photos with the public.

Here are 5 ways to Instagram:

  1. Raw. Take all your shots, but don’t process them. Everything goes unfiltered. This is actually a side note in Sophie Kinsella’s My Not So Perfect Life.
  1. Filter. Do the opposite. Filter all your photos. However, pick one theme and stick with it. This way, every picture has the same recognizable style.
  1. Specialize. Do you enjoy books? Bees? Bears? Whatever your heart’s desire, snap shots of it. One of my fave accounts? https://www.instagram.com/matcha_bae/ That’s right…for all things matcha!
  1. Words. Sometimes a change is needed. I often see quotes—whether personal or famous—as graphics on Instagram. Use sentences to inspire Instagrammers around you.
  1. Visual. Instagram thrives on visual flair. If you’ve got that artistic touch, go all in and create lovely shots. Here’s a pic from @imagery.in.pages, who features book covers on her account:


(Recognize the title?)

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  1. Your book cover looks really good!

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