Foodie Friday: Peach Green Tea

Well, since I’m a frequent visitor to the hospital now, I’ve made a nesting spot in the local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. My latest taste from their menu includes…

Peach green tea: green tea with fruity sweetness

peach tea

Typically, I prefer my tea plain. However, Tea Leaf offers a number of combinations. I decided to try the peach flavor. I did like the look of the peach cubes in the tea bag (see above)!

It was nice to have a change where there’s a subtle sweetness and flavor of fruit to contrast against the bitter green tea. Though it won’t be a regular choice for me, it’s a great for a change of pace.

Fun fact: The tea is grown in the mountains of Sri Lanka!

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  1. I had just finished drinking some peach tea before I read this post, I kid you not! Too funny.

  2. Strange. My biggest weakness is sugar. I have a hard time staying away from cake, cook, candy, ice cream, you name it. And yet, I like my coffee and tea bitter. Cream is alright in my coffee, but I like my green tea straight.

    • Jennifer Chow says

      I definitely prefer straight green tea. Well, with the slight exception of lightly sweetened iced jasmine tea :)

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