Renn Faire

“You will step on many soils of many countries.”

Yes, I’ve been living in L.A. for years, but I never visited the Renaissance Faire until now.

Located in a vast recreational area in Irwindale, the official name is The Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I admit it. The word “pleasure” threw me off, and I wondered if the festival would be too risque for me. Well, there is a pub crawl and corseted ladies walking about, but it was actually quite family-friendly when I went.

Festival-goers dressed up to the hilt. Some costumes were quite elaborate, especially the folks who went as knights in shining armor. My favorite, though, was a pair who came as Shrek and Fiona.

I had a lot of fun as the vendors stayed in character and spoke in olde English. The whole festival is supposed to take place in Elizabethan times in the made-up waterfront town of Port Deptford. I did, in fact, spy the queen several times throughout the day.

The food at the festival is standard carnival fare. However, they changed up the names to reflect more antiquated times. I quite liked eating and saying the dish, “Steak on a Stake.”

Here are a few fun photos from my day:


Sprite sighting! These silent and beautiful creatures wandered the grounds.



Jenga by sword



Jousting–my favorite event!


fire eater

Fire eater!





I had a lot of fun. Huzzah!

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