3 Found Items Helping me Corona Cope

I have friends throwing themselves into spring cleaning during these uncertain times–with sparkling results. Not me!

Chalk it up to laziness or sentimentalism, but I’m not scouring my home and tossing stuff away. Instead, I’ve lost and now found a few items, which are helping me cope during this pandemic.

Here are three found things that have proven useful so far:

1. Puzzles

I’m not really a jigsaw type of gal, but I’ve dusted off these boxes that used to be sitting on our shelf. They’re a great distraction to while away the time, and it does feel like some things in the world are orderly when you lock in the pieces.

2. Fabric

Who knew that extra cotton material could be so useful? I’d mended our ratty ottoman earlier this year laying a new covering on top. Now I’ve gotten a face mask out of the material as well! (Hey, if it’s cozy enough for me to prop my feet on, it should work for my face, right?)

3. Emojis

We have this squishy toy lying around. Not only is it good for stress release, but I love looking at all the facial expressions.

How am I feeling today? I can roll the die around to locate my emotion. Or maybe I’ll just toss it up in the air and change the feeling to something I like better…

What items (found or not) are helping you cope during this time?

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  1. kathyscottage says

    I love the puzzle. :) I haven’t found anything. I haven’t been looking. haha. I did dust our tall bookcase. It looks so much more organized and clean. :)

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