Flash Sale for Pre-Orders

Sales! Who doesn’t love a good sale? When I was a kid, I squirreled away my allowance. I didn’t like to tap into my savings…unless it was for a book.

There was something magical about walking into a bookstore and seeing shelves of new books arrive on a daily basis. I couldn’t buy all the books, of course, but at least I could be around them.

The worst was when a book I wanted to get was not on the shelf. How could that be? Usually, they had run out of copies.

Luckily, there’s such a thing as pre-ordering. Want a book? Make sure to get it in advance of its release date.

Pre-orders are essential to authors. It helps publishers know that there’s a demand for the book/author, which results in a longer career for the writer. Pre-orders also help get the word out early because great advance reviews result in more buzz.

I’m happy to tell you that there’s a flash sale going on now at the Barnes & Noble site: BN.com. Many books (and e-books) qualify for a pre-order discount (25% off). Just enter the code at checkout: PREORDER25.

To get free shipping, you’ll probably have to order multiple books, but don’t you already have some on your TBR list? And if you want to pre-order my upcoming Death By Bubble Tea, I would totally appreciate it!

The sale ends 1/28. Happy reading, all!

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