The Countdown Begins

It’s panic time. Less than one month before my next book launches. Even though I’ve done it several times now (Bookshop link to all my books), I’m still nervous. I have a checklist of places and people to contact: bloggers, bookstores, fellow authors. Yet I still wonder, Am I forgetting someone?

My next release is Death By Bubble Tea, and it comes out July 5 (preorder here). Interesting timing. Will it launch with fireworks or fizzle out? If you want to know more about my new culinary cozy mystery, I’ve been profiled on Murder & Mayhem.           

Of course, a lot of the marketing push is done way before now—about four to six months prior. That’s how I got fabulous author endorsements (known as blurbs in the industry), like this one…

Bookstore and library events also require advanced planning. What things can I do right now as the deadline creeps closer? Well, I’m trying to make fun Instagram Reels, especially with trending songs and sounds. Here’s my recent coffee-and-currently-reading video.

I’ve also been hard at (yummy) work taking bubble tea selfies, such as this:

Plus, I’m collecting swag for in-person appearances, things like boba crackers, bubble tea-themed stationery, and personalized bookmarks.

Wish me launch luck! What are you excited about for this coming July?

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  1. Congratulations! Don’t worry. You’re an expert marketer.

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