At the Grocery Store

I like grocery shopping. Really, I do. I cherish it even more now than I did before. Having used grocery pick-up services back in 2020, I appreciate the chance to actually hold produce in my hands.

Maybe food selecting is also enjoyable for me because it reminds me of past times with my mom. I’d tag along with her, pick fruit from the bin and maybe even weigh them on those nifty silver scales.

If I was really good and well-behaved, I’d get a treat from the bakery (usually a roll). Or Tic Tacs. Something about the color of those brightly colored orange ones really enhanced their flavor. Plus, the entire box made for a great percussion shaker.

Next to the candy section in the checkout aisle was also some forbidden fruit. (Not literally.) The glossy magazines and papers in their wire racks always caught my eye. For sure, I’d scan the headlines. If my mom was super occupied, I could even take a quick peek inside.

One of those alluring publications was Woman’s World. It’s actually been a dream of mine to have my book featured in their book club roundup (week of July 18th publication; should be on sale now). And yay, it finally happened! On Death by Bubble Tea’s release week no less!

I’m extremely grateful for this publishing journey that has taken me to unexpected and happy places. 

Happy Book Birthday to Me!

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