Hitting the SoCal Indie Bestseller List

I’ve blogged before about how tired I got during release week. Launching a new book (and a new series) requires dedication. I’m grateful to all the publications and bloggers and podcasters who gave me media coverage. I’m thankful to the great bookstagramming community, who’ve been sharing images of Death By Bubble Tea (including a few bubble tea selfies).

Of course, I’m very appreciative of the readers who supported me. In fact, it’s the fans who clamored for my book and went out of their way to buy it at indie booksellers all across Southern California that resulted in a recent milestone: Death By Bubble Tea hit number 3 on the SoCal Indie Bestseller List in the mass market paperback category! [what?! shocked face emoji]   

So THANK YOU, readers, for making me an official bestselling author! (Tip: If you’re looking for a great independent bookstore near you, check out www.indiebound.org.)

Here’s a quick summary and history of the list: The SoCal Indie Bestseller List is collated weekly by IndieBound and CALIBA. Per their website, IndieBound is “an initiative of the American Booksellers Association dedicated to making the world better one independent bookstore at a time.” CALIBA refers to the California Independent Booksellers Alliance, a non-profit that nurtures and promotes independent retail bookselling in California. The So Cal Indie Bestseller List debuted in 2004, and is one of other regional bestseller lists (New England, Pacific Northwest, etc.).   

Happy reading, everyone!

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  1. Congratulations! Your book is hitting so many charts. It must be a whirlwind of excitement!

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