Too Much To Read!

Before I became a writer, I was a reader. An avid one. I still love reading, but I’ve been in a bit of a slump lately. This could be because I’m reading (or trying to!) two non-fiction books, an advance reading copy, and another novel for fun. Maybe I need to concentrate on one book at a time? It feels like I’m stuck, and I really want to replenish my pile of Goodreads reviews.

Reading generally helps me gauge how I’m doing in life. If it’s been a good week, I get the down time to read. When I’m on vacation, the number of books read help me understand if I got a chance to truly relax.

Of course, there was that time when I was a judge for the Edgar Awards. Then I truly had boxes and boxes of books arriving on my doorstep! (And not much time to read them.)

This current lull feels more like it’s driven by busyness and a full schedule…

Do you have any tips on regaining my time so I can return to my reading cave?

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