Foodie Friday: Taro Swirl Bread

Taro swirl bread: soft bread with sweet taro inside I like my taro. Once when I visited Hawaii, I remember spending a long time entranced in a field, gazing at the broad leaves of the taro plant. For my wedding, we had ube cake. At dim sum, I eat fried taro dumplings. I've never ventured beyond either the purely sweet versions (cake) or the salty dishes (dumpling). Now, introducing: the taro swirl bread.           This bread contains both a … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Pineapple Bun

Pineapple bun: glazed sweet bun with a pineapple shape These treats don't actually have any pineapple in them. Instead, they're made with plain dough on the inside, with an outer coating of sugar topping. They get their pineapple (bo lo) name from the striated markings on the bread's outside. These simple buns are often a hit with kids (I have fond memories of them as a child), since they have a hint of sweetness without any complex filling that might turn off young taste buds. Recently, I … [Read more...]