Foodie Friday: Lion’s Head Meatballs

Lion's head meatballs: Oversized meatballs  This is another giant food dish. The big meatball is supposed to represent a lion's head, while the surrounding cabbage resemble a lion's mane. In various regions of China, there are sauces on the side that will complement the meatiness. Beyond the symbolism, it's pretty much exactly how you think it will taste--pork meatball flavor. Fun fact: This dish is quite popular in Shanghai cuisine.  … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Taiwanese Meatball

Taiwanese meatball (ba wan): steamed gelatinous dumpling My husband loves these meatballs, but I still think they're an acquired taste. They have a savory filling (usually of pork, bamboo, and mushrooms) that's wrapped in a steamed outer shell. Unlike the firm texture of wonton skins, the outer covering yields a gooey texture (because it's made from sweet potato and rice flour). Think: mochi, but with a saltier inside. The meatballs are quite big, larger than their Italian counterparts, … [Read more...]