The Art of Sampling

"An old horse knows the way." - Chinese proverb ~In the spring and autumn period (770-476BC), Duke Huan of Qi went to attack Guzhu. When winter settled in, the army lost their way, but Huan's minister Guan Zhong had a great plan: They would release their old horses and follow them back home.~ Experience matters, and that is why I'm relying on the collective wisdom of my online writers' community, Wordsmith Studio, today. This post will be based on their current creative prompt about … [Read more...]

Developmental Milestones: An Anniversary Post

Wonhng Mahkwa: relatives of the boss (lit. yellow jacket)In the Ching dynasty, Manchurians wore mahkwa jackets when horse riding. Typically, these clothes were blue or black, but the emperors would bestow a yellow jacket on imperial relatives or respected officials. I'm part of a group of imperial relatives (read: worthy writers), a tight-knit band led by the illustrious Robert Lee Brewer. Last April, I participated in his platform challenge. It's been a year of much growth, not unlike that of a … [Read more...]

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Cheuiguk: to quickly strengthen a man's or an animal's capacity to workIn The Book of Songs, it talks about how the king's horses are typically fed with grass. However, in times of war, they are given grain (guk) to stimulate (cheui) their energy in a short amount of time.I was recently given the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Romelle Broas (thank you!), which motivates me to move forward with my writing and blogging. In response, I'll be nominating seven inspiring blogs that I know … [Read more...]