Writing Highlights from 2012

Deihseui: blind manIn Gwongdung province, there is a folk song called "Deihseui naahmyam." Deihseui refers to a blind (man) musician. In ancient times, almost all music masters were blind men.Music, the life of celebrations.Instead of a Christmas letter, I usually send out a New Year's mailing. This is mostly due to procrastination, but I also like reviewing the whole calendar year before I write to family and friends. Oftentimes, though, I feel like a blind man, not knowing what to put down on … [Read more...]

Out the Blue Door

Feilam: film Loan-words are words that sound similar to their English counterparts. Sometimes the original words say it best. Come read the inspired words of my guest blogger for today, Rick Wayne. You can visit his website at whyarethingsthewaytheyare.comfor more of his creative thoughts. Author Rick Wayne has dissected a cadaver, jumped out of a plane, swam in the Mediterranean, and meditated in Japan. Prior to becoming a writer he was stalked by a mountain lion in Texas, kicked in the head … [Read more...]