Writer’s Digest West Conference- First Impressions

Yatlauh: the bestIn China, from the Tang to the Ching dynasty, nine ranks of officials existed.  The highest and first level was known as yatlauh.  I attended the Writer's Digest West Conference this past Saturday.  It was yatlauh, fulfilling and exceeding all my expectations.   Let me break down my experience into three parts:1) Jamie Ford, the author of Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet:  As a keynote speaker, he discussed being true to yourself and pursuing a story that resonates with … [Read more...]

Being One’s Cup of Tea at a Writer’s Conference

Hahpsaai Hohche: meeting people's needs, being one's cup of tea (lit. sing every note right)This expression refers to Chinese music.  Hahpsaai means everything is right.  When every note is correct and the singers and musicians work well together, people say hahpsaai hohche.  *First things first, though: the winner of the photo contest is picture A (you can see it reflected in my profile).  It was a close call, though, A edging out picture C by one vote.At the Writer's Digest West conference … [Read more...]