#AuthorProfile: Shawna Yang Ryan

"Your kind spirit will lead to many new friendships." Name: Shawna Yang Ryan Accomplishments: Fulbright Scholar; Teaches at University of Hawaii Latest book: Green Island Shawna Yang Ryan is super sweet and down-to-earth. Her latest novel, Green Island, took many years of research. She ended up interviewing people, both in Taiwan and here in America, about how the 228 Massacre affected their lives. Before penning her book, she also had to process all the turbulent emotions involved in … [Read more...]

2-2-8 70 years

On this 70th anniversary, we remember the atrocities that happened in Taiwan. How peaceful demonstrations turned into unrest and eradication across the land. We remember the dark period in Taiwan, the years called White Terror. In LA, we took time to recall, to mourn, and to promise to resist against the horrific ever occurring again. The 228 Memorial Event in El Monte featured music when words could not express the bountiful grief.   Political leaders stood together in support … [Read more...]

Discover Taiwan, The Beautiful Island

"Beware the person with a Buddha's mouth and a snake's heart." -Chinese proverb It was with stealth that the 228 Massacre struck Taiwan, ushering in decades of sorrow. The three numbers together, 2-2-8, now hold horrific memories for many Taiwanese. The importance of this date and the ensuing dark time period can be found in my article, "228 In Today's World." What is so significant about the massacre and the White Terror era is its destruction of the minds of a beautiful country. There's a … [Read more...]