What’s in a Title?

"Gentle hints will help you to decide the best answer." --fortune cookie Words always give an impression. I recently joined the launch team for a friend's book. This means that I get to witness her publishing process, provide input on the manuscript, and sneak a first peek at the book. And I get to provide authentic feedback for her work and help spread the word. The first question she posed for her team was about her title. What would be the best title for her book? It's an interesting … [Read more...]

ALA, Here I Come!

"Trees may prefer calm, but the wind will not subside." --Chinese proverb The wind's been blowing me here and there. In fact, this post is a little late because I had to prepare for a book talk. I interacted with teens at the local library today, talking about the process of writing and encouraging them to complete their own works over the summer. It's amazing to see their passions and their diverse interests, which can range from manga to poetry. Speaking of libraries, I'm gearing to attend … [Read more...]