Generational Names

"This year your highest priority will be your family." Family is important to me, and last week I posted about my baby nephew, along with special foods for new moms. This week I'll be talking about birth names. I remember searching online and flipping through baby books to choose special English names. The more difficult task, though, was picking a Chinese name. That required discussion between my husband and me, plus consultation with both sets of parents. This is because a Chinese … [Read more...]

Battling Eczema

"You do not need a butcher's knife to kill a chicken." -Chinese proverb But sometimes I feel like carrying a machete to fight eczema. Personally, I don't suffer from this, but through a certain combination of genes and environment, the skin condition passed down to my child. Findings from population-studies done in America and England show a high prevalence of black and Asian children with eczema. Interestingly enough, East Asian parents who are recent immigrants may not actually be … [Read more...]