Foodie Friday: Roti Revisited

Curry roti with beef: roti stuffed with ground beef One of my favorite Malaysian treats is roti canai. I recently tried a new version of it: roti filled with beef. Kind of like a Malaysian calzone. Sadly, I was underwhelmed--even with the winning curry sauce. It's because the meat ends up overpowering the flavor. Also, the filling reduces the light and flaky texture that's a key element of the flatbread. Next time, I'm going for the original! Fun fact: Roti is also known as "flying … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Thousand-Layer Pancake

Thousand-layer pancake: fluffy and layered carb treat Tired of traditional pancakes? How about having multi-tiered ones? I first ate these because I loved their intricate designs (kind of like how I'm in awe of the weaves in funnel cakes). In texture, they're similar to scallion pancakes. They're chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside (except they're not inundated with green onions). Since they lack much flavor, I prefer their crusty cousin: roti. (I love dipping roti in curry … [Read more...]