Foodie Friday: Shrimp Spring Roll

Shrimp spring roll: veggies and shrimp tucked into a rice wrapper What's not to love about the spring roll? I prefer this non-fried Vietnamese version when summer comes around. It's refreshing to bite into the fresh lettuce and veggies. Also, it comes with my favorite: a peanut-based dipping sauce. I prefer the ones with a little less spice (sorry, Lee's), but it's still a tried-and-true combo on hot days. Want to make your own? Check out this recipe. What's a favorite way for you to cool … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Lumpia

Lumpia (Taiwanese-style): fresh spring rolls populated with a mix of vegetables and meat I admit it, my first association with lumpia is the fried Filipino version (very tasty, by the way).  The Taiwanese ones are more akin to spring rolls or mu shu than egg rolls. It uses the same technique as the fresh rolls, by softening a wrapper and placing all the cooked goodies (use any ingredient you desire) inside to bundle together. Fresh garlic paste can be smoothed on to provide an extra kick. … [Read more...]