Foodie Friday: Ube Cake

Ube cake: chiffon cake made with purple yams I really love this bright violet color! It cheers me up whenever I see it. This is a light cake that really gives you the yummy yam flavor (that's if you like root vegetables, though). On a side note, I tend to confuse taro with ube (sorry, Filipino friends), but now I stand corrected: Taro usually white, or maybe a light purple poisonous if eaten raw called "elephant ears" Ube dark purple in color grows on vine above … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Taro Swirl Bread

Taro swirl bread: soft bread with sweet taro inside I like my taro. Once when I visited Hawaii, I remember spending a long time entranced in a field, gazing at the broad leaves of the taro plant. For my wedding, we had ube cake. At dim sum, I eat fried taro dumplings. I've never ventured beyond either the purely sweet versions (cake) or the salty dishes (dumpling). Now, introducing: the taro swirl bread.           This bread contains both a … [Read more...]