The Holidays Are Here

My friend Leslie Karst is blogging about holiday traditions in Hilo, Hawaii, which reminded me to share about the traditions I enjoy here in SoCal.

One thing I appreciate is the sparkling of twinkly lights. A lot of them are wrapped around palm trees, and some of those trees get decorated (in a fun way) as candy canes. Then we have other twinkling sculptures like this whale with a Santa hat in Dana Point:

I also like a nicely decorated Christmas tree, but I love the different creative greenery that pops up during this season. I know someone who makes these fabulous mini succulent wreaths every year:

Other stuff I enjoy are special holiday activities. For example, we’ve gone sand sledding as a family in Hermosa Beach. And one of my kids is trying to start up a tradition of eating seasonal cake pops:

Peppermint cake pop from Starbucks

Books-wise, beyond getting novels (which I adore) as presents, I appreciate the best-of-year lists that come out around now. I’m delighted to have Hot Pot Murder listed in Deadly Pleasures for their 2023 round-up!

Wishing everyone cheer and relaxation for the holidays!

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